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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Updates to follow,,,CSPB/ Little Precious Baby-wear and Apex Evolution Advertising.

Designs by Gordon Boyland,  

 I am currently doing designs, logos, info-graphics for the following businesses, groups & organizations: Safari Nexus 727 Industries of Earth Science Institute World. 727 Creative Arts. Caledonian-JKD 

Newest Volunteers to our integrated group at CSPB Caledonian Society for the Protection of Birds. 

Xander Frazer
Networker/Marketeer. We provide a wide selection of baby clothes and accessories.

Gordon Boyland, announcements.



Website, Logo & transform your work clothes with your own unique designed digitized image. 

We can provide your site/s with presentation’s that will inform your target audience as to what your business does. Logos that do not belong to us are used for Employment/Promotional purposes only. " Its all about the business, we love it " Gordon Boyland 

Winter wear Just in, Christmas goodies in lots of time before the rush to fill up those Christmas stockings,,

Girls pink coat with flower design.... half price now only £7.50 each in sizes 6/12, 12/18 and 18/24 months,, 

Boys beige/brown waterproof jacket with car motif..... half price now only £7.50 each in sizes 6/12 12/18 and 18/24 months,,